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Desolatevoid - No Sign of Better Times - CD

US $0.75

Less than 100 copies left till this is sold out. Buy 1 or 100! Help us out.

If Desolatevoid's debut, Self Medicated Psycho Therapy (2006), contained enough filthy groove to be the aural equivalent of dipping your toes in a used colostomy bag the size of Lake Superior, its follow up, No Sign of Better Times, will find the listener fully submerged. Allow opening track, "Isolation Embrace, to be the unexpected violent shove from behind that sends you careening from the relative safety of the shore into the stench and the muck. It is a song as fast and remorseless as a down swing in today's Stock Market. Lyrics are awash in paranoia, alienation, and rage. Andy Howard's vocals display more of a range this time, while somehow managing to sound even more bestial. The rhythm section of Tim Smith (drums) and Nick Carroll (bass) is driving and tight. And the riffs and leads, laid down by newcomer Stolp and veteran Brent K., are heavy and contagious (the spectre of founding member Patrick Sova all over this album). In fact, this album is a 30-minute summation of the last 30 years of heavy metal. There's the doomy groove of "Crimes Against My Sanity (clever), the jet black punk junk of "Wreckage of Yesterday, the black metal flourishes of "Way Past Wits End, the classic death/grind opening and thrashy breakdown of "F***ed and Furious, and surprise of surprises, the NWOBHM riff spread throughout the album's opus, "Amongst the Scattered Pills. It's Metal History 101, kids. Get off the bit torrents. Buy this CD. Click on "Read Reviews" for reviews this has recieved so far from Magazines and other sources.

Desolatevoid - Self Medicated Pyscho Therapy - CD

US $0.75

Lawdy, lawdy, cover your ears and protect your privates, DESOLATEVOID ain't foolin' around. That such a quality dish of battery acid and pit bull balls has been released on one of the premier crust punk and grind labels, Crimes Against Humanity, is not surprising. While Self Medicated Psycho Therapy is not exclusively a crust or grindcore album, bits of both genres are mixed into the putrid stew. Hell, there's enough crust covering this black-toothed sludge metal bitch to bake the world's largest apple pie. Consider an album that is anchored in a more straight ahead SOILENT GREEN, sucks the bone marrow out of EYEHATEGOD, and smokes up a little HIGH ON FIRE (the latter two both acknowledged influences). Maybe then you'll understand why this shit is too heavy for the candy asses among you.

Desolatevoid / Last Van Zant / The Parish - Split CD

US $0.75

A new found buddy of mine sent this my way to review, he usually sends me the black and death stuff but along comes this sludge three-way that he felt I might like and I was sold after skimming through the Desolate Void tracks. 30 Seconds was all it took to convince me that this was one of those audio stains that I didn't want to get out of my brain. No pussy grass stains (unless we're talking about a different type of grass): this one is blood, sweat, mud, and beer; the true markings of the sludgehead.

In the Desolate Void tracks, all five, there is nothing but fast paced endorphin raging: Acid Bath/EyeHateGod/Black Tusk/Black Cobra, screeching and growling over a fist clenching storm of blazing fast riffs and bar room brawl inducing metal here. Southern Fried and greasy, steaming and dripping with the stench of horrid heat, hangovers and one hell of a wild night out, don't blame me or these guys if you go ape-shit under the influence of this stuff, we warned you. With tracks titles like: "Broken Bones and Bullet Holes", " Ungrateful Bastard", "Expect The Worst", " Unburn", and "-13", you can't go wrong here.

The Last Van Zant is another high-speed and low-end distorted obliteration of your senses through trench warfare in a pit. You can smell the BO, feel the boots in your back and the feel of someone's face going into your fist as you spin around in a drunken frenzy that's worth the bruises and possible broken bones (whether they're your or not). This band brings the energy and addictive rhythms of the great bands mentioned above already. "Standing in Blood" really brings me in with the phrase, "Don't mind me Standing in Blood, that alone makes me want to swing and go hog wild and blitzkrieg on everything around me. Another six tracks of solid adrenaline and drunken anarchy, approach with caution.

Now for the last two essential contributions to this split, I give you The Parish. Nothing different here from the other two, you just get a more epic Coffins/Winter sounding doom/death sludge on "Dark Days", just as nasty and filthy as the other two bands, but this one is the darker side of it all. Killer riffs and slow Sabbathy grooves with growling vocals behind the mix sounding like a zombie in the background, topped off with a melodic stoner feel as well. Smooth and steady, melodic, yet every bit as aggressive and dangerous as the other two bands, The Parish polishes off this absolutely essential three-way sludge fuck as only the truly awesome could. If you can drink this one straight, you are one of the few and truly grimy... bottoms up !!!!!!

Last Van Zant is a member or members of Birds of Prey on Relapse Records, Parish is a member of Wartorn.

Desolatevoid - Northern Aggression 7-Inch Record

US $0.75

Limited to 300 copies. Desolatevoid unabatedly and unashamedly continue their regression towards Dantesque depths regularly reserved for serial killers and career politicians, tumbling on down whiskey lubricated slopes into unfathomable, misanthropic mires. 10 years of toil and trouble inevitably leads to some Northern Aggression, the brand new release from Eau Claire, Wisconsin's most damaged psyches. No celebratory full length of re-recorded "past glories," no grandiose, self-indulgent "tour," just three exclusive songs in nine minutes pressed to 7" of wax: bone gnashing thrash, a rollicking punk underbelly, and enough "fist in the air, grooves to turn the heavens into your punching bag. Their most potent strike yet includes B-side, and perennial live favorite, "Deaf in that Ear."

Despite - No Promise of Tomorrow - CD

US $0.50

They pumel the shit out of a drop tuned guitar with totally guttural vocals, while the whole pace of this throbs in a dis-beat style that also goes beyond into a thicker combo of crust-grind-punkcore dis style, and I'm into it. Another crust fist in the air band, with a super fucking heavy style.

Despite - No Promise of Tomorrow - LP

US $1.00

They pumel the shit out of a drop tuned guitar with totally guttural vocals, while the whole pace of this throbs in a dis-beat style that also goes beyond into a thicker combo of crust-grind-punkcore dis style, and I'm into it. Another crust fist in the air band, with a super fucking heavy style.

Driller Killer - And the Winner Is - CD

US $2.50

13 tracks of devastating Swedish hardcore played with unmatched brutality and experience. Thick metal-edged guitars backed by punishing d-beat drumming and extremely harsh low-end vocals courtesy of the bands founder. This album continues to deal out their own brand of raw aggression laced with the harsh realities of life. Pissed off is an understatement...

Driller Killer - Cold Cheap & Disconnected - CD

US $2.50

This is Driller Killer's sixth full length and it follows the progression that you see in their style when comparing albums not to mention the high levels of kickassitude. This album sticks with their metal infused Scandinavian hardcore sound that their known for as is expected. What really separates this album from the others is that it leans more towards that metal side. More complex fills and solos pull it further away from being thrown in with other hardcore bands. Basically, if you like other Driller Killer releases you're not going to be disappointed by any means.

Driller Killer - Fuck the World - CD

US $2.50

These guys are really hard to categorize. There's aspects of metal, punk, crust, hardcore, thrash and all that good stuff. I'd definitely say that thrash, punk, and metal dominate. One consistency across the board is that scent of Swedish background and influence you get from good Scandinavian bands. I would definitely say Fuck The World is very comparable to Disrupt or even Doom.

Driller Killer - The 4Q Mangrenade - CD

US $2.50

The 4Q Mangrenade is Driller Killer's latest album and is consistent with their sound as of late. I found it to be quite reminiscent of Reality Bites and Cold Cheap and Disconnected. At the same time this album pulls away from their sound on the last two albums, taking Swedish hardcore in a new direction. As I've said before, Driller Killer's sound is constantly progressing from album to album.

End of All - The Art of Decadence - CD

US $0.75

End Of All encompasses all the best parts of Scandinavian hardcore/metal.  If you liked their first album "Same Shit But Different" you're going to love this one.  And for those of you who haven't been graced by the auditory enlightenment that is End Of All, think Skitsystem meets Wolfbrigade/Wolfpack meets At The Gates.  Every song on this album works on multiple levels.  The first track "The Age of the Serpents" blew me away.  It starts off with a dark and melodic acoustic intro, then explodes into a melodic Swedish death metal intro...

Gaurithoth - Perverse - CD

US $0.50

Alright, buckle up, it's time to be floored by the two latest masterpieces from Crimes Against Humanity Records. Seriously, this label has picked up steam in the past with its diverse roster of releases, but a couple from this latest batch really take the fucking cake. First up is Gaurithoth (Finland), whose debut full-length, Perverse, throws down 38 minutes of their self-proclaimed satanic perverse black latex metal, whatever the hell that means. Truly, these god damn black metal bands really need to cut the shit and realize that tongue-in-cheek humor is just not the way to go with this mess. I mean, this record absolutely shreds with perfectly executed black metal that blends fierce speeds and lightly dissonant midpaced fare with a dual vocal attack and a crisp recording. The shit totally smokes, I love it.

Head Hits Concrete - Thy Kingdom Come Undone - CD

$0.50 (I found 1 more box in storage. Approx 50 left in stock)

Their Discogrpahy Album. Pulverizing grindcore from Winnipeg, Manitoba. This Cd contains the Split with Bodies Lay Broken, Hope Fear & The Terror of Dreams Ep, the Split 10 with My Minds Mine, the s/t Ep, and a bunch of demo, live and cover tracks. 47 songs in total for 1 low price. Get it now!!!

Homoiratus - Apocalypse - CD

US $0.50

I've never heard of this Greek band before but after listening to this disc I can verify that this is probably the best goddamn death metal album I've heard all year. It reminds me a little bit of Brutal Truth and even Jungle Rot (mainly due to the grooviness of the riffs) to an extent with smatterings of crust, dark melody and a just a tiny bitof industrial sounds. The guitar style on this album has a really unique sound to it. It's very staccato sounding and almost reminds me of what Helmet might sound like if they started playing death/grind. The riffs are out of this world though and they continually jump out at me from song to song.

Neuron - Gleichschritt - CD

US $0.50

Awesome Grindcore. The debut full-length from German socio-political grinders Neuron, blends textbook grindcore mastery with just the right amount of death metal which should please anyone who thinks the idea of classic Brutal Truth battling against the early days of Pestilence while the best Polish grindcore acts of the last five years cheer them on sounds like a good time. (And trust me, it does!)

Warspite - Gallery of the Macabre - CD

$1.00 (I found another box in storage)

This is probably the best death metal release I've heard all year, unless my horrible memory is forgetting something... but either way, it's easily one of the top 10 death metal releases of the last five years, without question. ( posting on

Warvictims - Domedagen - CD

US $1.00

Fucking outrageous and infectious Punk Rock infused with lethal doses of Thrash Metal and War Metal for maximum ear and brain damage. To the uninitiated the "songs" on Domedagen may seem like a wall of sheer noise and terror inducing vocal shrieks but to truediehardextreme metal fans the music sounds like a wall of sheer noise and terror inducing vocal shrieks, and of course it just doesn't get any better than that. Sort of a cross between Terrorizer's World Downfall, GBH's City Baby Attacked by Rats and Bolt-Thrower's In Battle there is no Law, Domedagen is a blistering metallic assault sure to wipe out vast quantities of brain cells. (DH)

Words That Burn - Spawning Ground For Hatred - LP

US $1.00

This is some intense and vile material right here. Words that Burn play an insane mix of crust, grind, hardcore and metal with fast as hell songs, blazing riffs that stick to your brain and some seriously insane vocal trade offs mixing blood curdling growls and high pitched screams/shouts. These guys lay down some serious damage for only a three piece, that's for certain. Despite the speed on display here, Words that Burn have an extremely dense sound that gives you a claustrophobic feeling as if you're head will explode at any moment. The band focuses not only on delivering fast songs but playing them as heavy as possible for an extremely bulldozing listening experience. This effects probably due to the bludgeoning low end present here, as there is a very heavy rhythm section nailing things down on every song. The whole record kind of reminds me of what Phobia might sound like if they were a little less grind and focused...

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